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$30 New Students
Two Weeks Unlimited

Monthly Memberships


How's The Water

5 Class Pass: This is for the practitioner who is dipping their toes in, practices once per week. Auto renews monthly. 



Zen Delight

10 Class Pass: Designed for the yogi who practices 2+ times per week. Auto renews monthly. 



I Practically Live Here

Unlimited: Designed for the yogi who wants to practice as much as possible. Auto renews monthly. 


Other Offerings

Online Yoga

I Wanna Be At Home

Our Virtual Unlimited Monthly Membership takes the guesswork out of how many passes you have available to attend class. Auto renews monthly. 



Busy Yogi

10 class pass: Designed for the yogi who practices with a busy schedule. 3 months, does not auto-renew



Little Sprouts Pack

4 class pack for Kids Yoga! Does not auto-renew 




Yoga is community. You cannot have true yoga without the company of others. Yoga is a shared experience and here at Evolve Yoga + Wellness, we call them cOMmunity events! For $8.00 we aim to make these experiences as accessible as possible. 

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